[Maraz Digital] Interview Session of CEO of Sun Century, Rick Gan and Chief Scientist Young-Jin Woo by Internet Media

On November 8, Sun Century is committed to build the first plant stem cell research institute in Southeast Asia. Malaysia internet media, Maraz Digital Studio has been invited the CEO of Sun Century and Chief Scientist, Young-Woo Jin to do a live media interview.

Young-Woo Jin pointed out in the live interview, saying that he had great interest to botany during his school days. He began to learn more about the information and possibilities in botany area, and to explore extraction of botanical ingredients to invent anti-cancer medicine technology. The plant stem cell technology is also inspired from it. Young-Woo Jin is originated from Korea, he travels to Malaysia, dedicated to contributing to the plant stem cell technology.

The plant stem cell technology has 96 patents worldwide. This technology respects the laws of nature and only isolate the undifferentiated stem cells to utilize them, the extracted cells are natural and extremely rare. Thus, the 96 patents are to protect the copyright of plant stem cell technology to ensure plant stem cells can be applied to food, medicine, beauty and other aspects. The production of highest quality and most efficient of medical grade health care food and skin care products are the focus of the said technology, explained Young-Woo Jin.

As ginseng has been proven to have medical advantages, it may produce more effective ginseng products through extraction and separation technology of plant stem cells. Young-Woo Jin is the world’s only scientist that mastered the technology of plant stem cell, he said the price of a wild ginseng which is aged more than 50 years priced at USD 30,000. It is undoubtedly extremely rare and only meant to be enjoyed by aristocrats or royalty in ancient times. Without the plant stem cell technology, however, will resulting the effectiveness of ginseng failed to be utilized. Thus, using the plant stem cell extraction technology to produce ginseng products, will certainly offer more significant health effects to human body.

At the end of the live interview, CEO of Sun Century also actively promoted the corporate mission of “Life without disease, Live without poverty”. In the future, the group will continue to devote itself to various businesses that are conducive to human well-being, and actively develop plant stem cell research to bring contribution to community.

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