Corporate Background

About Sun Century System Malaysia

Sun Century Malaysia is a cross-border cooperation project launched by Adamasa Network Sdn. Bhd. and Sun Century Group Co., Ltd. As Sun Century innovative business model is having a superior development potential, putting the sharing economy concept into business direction, “creating a healthy life” and “full range of healthcare products” as promotion goal. All these elements are perfectly matched with ADAMASA company direction which is focused on providing the highest quality all-natural healthcare product and improve human health. Through ADAMASA’s marketing channels, Sun Century Malaysia will be able to stimulate and helps Malaysia’s economic growth and because of this cooperation, ADAMASA has accelerated its business development in the international market. In addition, massive amount of money invested in this Sun Century’s system, the visionary and the competitive advantages of Sun Century Group has convinced and persuade ADAMASA to join into this project.

Adamasa Network Sdn. Bhd. is a legitimate direct selling company that specializes in research, development, manufacture, commercializing of healthcare products and other related business. The sales distribution experience and channel of ADAMASA in Malaysia was integrated so well with Sun Century and eventually driven Sun Century Malaysia to become one of the highlighted companies in the international market. During Sun Century Malaysia founding days, ADAMASA was the pioneer company to develop Malaysia market and it has brought all its employees and business partners to work together in this project, and eventually helps Sun Century Malaysia to accomplish an outstanding achievement in shortly after its establishment.

Company Background

Adamasa Network Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2009 at Malaysia, a legitimate direct selling company specialized in health products research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and other related business. Despite being a new member within the large network marketing industry, ADAMASA has grown rapidly by leaps and bounds.

ADAMASA believes, through the production and provision of all-natural healthcare products will eventually making a happier and healthier future. To achieve this goal, ADAMASA has built a strong management team and runs its business in accordance with the company’s mission and vision while maintaining the values shared among the teams. Everyone involved can enjoy their life and work together to increase the health and quality of life for everyone.

Being part of the world, ADAMASA aims to benefit the community and improve human health through the production and provision of all-natural healthcare supplements. In the future, ADAMASA will continue to work hard and improve the system, expand its business into the international market, achieve the vision of happier and healthier future. At present, ADAMASA is cooperating with Sun Century Global to jointly promote the business of Sun Century System in their first stop within Southeast Asia.

Sun Century Group Co., Ltd.

Sun Century Group Co., Ltd. is a company that pioneering in developing the multinational market and strive to offer diversified products and services to people by believing in “creating a healthy life” and “full range of healthcare products”. Bringing quality products including health care, skin care, beauty care, cosmetic, body care, etc. We want to help and inspires more people to live healthier lives, build self-confidence and become charismatic.

Our founder believes healthcare industry have comprehensive advantages regardless of the nature of the future market. Everyone does have the same opportunity to thrive in this industry. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and share it with your friends and family, you already started your very first healthcare business in Sun Century. Our Sun Century business model is innovative and revolutionary, it bringing like-minded, passionate people from all over the world to get together and offers an opportunity to them to build their wealth through sharing this healthy lifestyle.

In the future, we will continue to stick with the objectives of “creating a healthy life” and “full range of healthcare products”, expand its business to global market, build a strong marketing operation team, raising awareness on healthy lifestyle and let more people achieve happiness, wealth and success by joining this health care business. We are committed to improve the health and well-being for all as our company vision, embrace kindness, uphold justice, praise love as our company culture, bringing health, entrepreneurship and wealth as our value of life, build the happiest business sharing platform and expand it globally, and eventually share the health, share the happiness and share the success.