Sun Century’s business approach might seem simple and elementary, but it is practicing the grounded approach. It is a fair, reasonable and legitimate business model and by setting “create a healthy life” and “full range of healthcare products” as the promotional goal to create a life changing platform for you, your family and your friends and eventually build a better future. Sun Century aims to become the happiest business sharing platform in this world. By implement the win-win philosophy into Sun Century System, it believes that Sun Century will allow more people to join this platform, to build the business together, to help the communities together and to create a better life together. Sun Century is open to any kind of business model, business approach, team management and marketing strategy. Through the integration of all the strength from each approach, Sun Century System has attained the five major elements of sustainable development:


1. Malaysia’s Direct Marketing Advantages
According to a report by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asia countries that listed on the top 10 global direct selling markets. Among the top 10 markets, there are many developed countries like United States, Germany, Brazil, France etc. Malaysia still able to be listed in the top 10 among all these developed countries. In other words, it shows the market potential of Malaysia is comparable with other developed countries. Global direct selling companies such as Cosway, Elken, CNI, DNX are all starting from Malaysia, with the foundation they build in Malaysia’s market then slowly expand their business to the international market and finally become a world-renowned direct selling company. Therefore, introducing Sun Century into Malaysia market means that the path of success of Sun Century Malaysia will also be like other world-renowned direct selling companies, successfully expand the business from Malaysia to others Southeast Asia.


2. Sharing Economy Concept
Integration of Sun Century System and sharing economy concept has made the platform much better than others. The Sun Century System is a platform that allows everyone to build a powerful social network, everyone can get reward based on their contribution. In today’s fast-moving world, our originate habit has been destructed by the evolution of technology and internet and being replaced by all these sharing economy platforms. For example, the sharing economy platform like Uber is sharing the car, Airbnb is sharing the house, JustPark is sharing the parking slot. In the past, no one would ever imagine how today’s world will look like. By integrating the strength of mobile internet and sharing economy, it has created a brand-new business model that differentiate from the traditional capital market. This is the new wave of a business revolution. By it means, the Sun Century System also represent the revolutionary. It is a system that allows everyone to share the wealth in a fairer way, with the concept of sharing economy, Sun Century System will able to help communities to build their wealth while sharing the healthy lifestyle.


3. Consumerism  
Consumerism is the concept where the consumers should be the informed decision makers in the marketplace, this also is a place where the capital injection of the most manufacturer will be at. Therefore, as long as the manufacturer is providing demanded and high-quality products, they will get support from consumers. Consumerism will encourage and make more people willing to spend, thus the economy of a country will rise. Sun Century System is a platform where practicing consumerism, by it means, it is a relatively large platform for both consumer and manufacturer, through establish the connection between business partners and consumers, build a win-win situation for each involved party, in order to meet everyone needs and let everyone get rewarded by sharing a healthy lifestyle.


4. Platform System And Marketing Team  
Sun Century System’s platform is built by a professional team that comes from a strong IT background, each team member has years of practical experience and good reputation in IT field. Sun Century System’s platform, from system programming to system operating, all are done by this IT team. By connecting the data from all over the world, and its seamless update, it makes the data security and operation of the system is much safer and easier. Besides that, Sun Century System also run by an outstanding marketing team. With the strength of all these resources, this is the reason why Sun Century is so competitive.


5. Project Planning And Legitimate 
Sun Century System has a complete and diverse project planning, and its parent company (Adamasa Netword Sdn. Bhd.) are involved IT service, e-commerce, corporate education and training, branding agency, research and development of health and beauty product, cryptocurrency trading platform, etc. To achieve consistency across different channels, and bring the greatest return to the partners through a professional management team and unique business model. In addition, Sun Century System is a legitimate direct selling company that operates under the national law and owns a legal direct selling business license. Partners are able to begin their business without any worries on the aspect of law and public.

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