[NTV7] Sun Century's First Plant Stem Cell Research Institute in Southeast Asia Airing by Malaysian Television Station

Sun Century to build the first plant stem cell research institute in Southeast Asia, and held a press conference on November 8. Local media has been invited to join the ceremony and witness the historic moment with Sun Century. The press conference has been aired by the well-known Malaysian Television, NTV7. The news as follows:

As a diversified investment group in Southeast Asia, Sun Century announced today, to build the Southeast Asia’s first plant stem cell research institute in Malaysia. Located at Section 26, Shah Alam, the plant stem cell research institute aims to carry out related research in Southeast Asia actively.

The group’s chief executive officer, Rick Gan said the group will utilize the technological advantages of plant stem cells to make people more aware and recognize plant stem cells technology. It is reported that the plant stem cell technology has 96 patents worldwide, and has applied patents in 15 countries, including Russia, South Korea, the United States and Singapore.

“This is a cross-border project between Sun Century and Korean corporate, it aims to promote the Southeast Asia’s first plant stem cell technology research institute, which is the second institute in the world.”

In the planning of Sun Century development blueprint, Malaysia will be the first country in Southeast Asia to have a plant stem cell research institute.

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